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Nowadays, smoke alarm testing in Perth is a priority for running a safe business, so it is increasingly important to install and test smoke alarms. It is equally important to install and test smoke alarms in Perth homes as well. The best fire and smoke alarms we install are those that are interconnected with the building’s electrical power supply and each other, and that also have internal battery backup. An interconnected system of alarms will also allow any one alarm to set off all the other alarms, for the safety of everyone in the building, in the event of an emergency.

Smoke alarms and fire alarms are proven to save lives in emergency situations. Despite this, there are still many local Morley WA  homes and businesses that do not have these critical life-saving alarms installed. Modern smoke alarms are easy and relatively inexpensive to install, so they are rising in popularity.

As we mentioned earlier, regularly testing your smoke and fire alarms is a requirement for the responsible and safe operation of any business. We at Morley Electricians are your local premier smoke alarm installation and repair contractors for businesses and we offer a wide smoke alarm service portfolio. We are also the #1 domestic smoke alarm installer in this area. We take pride in being the most respected smoke alarm installer and maintainer for businesses, shops and homes throughout the Morley and Perth City  area.


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