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Morley –  Perth Electrical

If you are seeking local western suburbs domestic electricians for any electrical work needed on your properties, we have the experience and the skills to undertake it. Indeed we have been in business as domestic electricians in for over 35 years so you can be assured that during that time there is no problem that we have not seen, and no project that we have ever failed to complete successfully.

From full house re-wirings and security installations to installing electrical sockets and light switches, you can rely on our professional and efficient team to complete your tasks on time, on budget, and to the highest standards of quality.
We know that having tradesmen into your home can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience, especially for the vulnerable and elderly, but be assured that our friendly staff will always be respectful and courteous when working in your home and around your family.
Call on us in confidence for a personal, yet professional, service

  • Property rewiring
  • Fault finding
  • Lighting
  • Sockets
  • Fuse boards
  • Refurbishments and conversions
  • Exterior lighting and sockets
  • Wiring boilers and ovens
  • Wiring for computers
  • CCTV installation and door entry systems
  • AOV installations
  • Alarms and PIR lighting

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Smoke Alarms


Smoke Alarm Installation

Nowadays, smoke alarm testing in Australia is a priority for running a safe business, so it is increasingly important to install and test smoke alarms. It is equally important to install and test smoke alarms in Australian homes as well. The best fire and smoke alarms offered are those that are interconnected with the building’s electrical power supply and each other, and that also have internal battery backup. An interconnected system of alarms will also allow any one alarm to set off all the other alarms, for the safety of everyone in the building, in the event of an emergency.

Smoke alarms and fire alarms are proven to save lives in emergency situations. Despite this, there are still many Australian homes and businesses that do not have these critical life-saving alarms installed. Modern smoke alarms are easy and relatively inexpensive to install, so they are rising in popularity.

As we mentioned earlier, regularly testing your smoke and fire alarms is a requirement for the responsible and safe operation of any business. We at Mandurah Electricians are Mandurah’s premier smoke alarm installation and repair contractors for businesses and we offer a wide smoke alarm service portfolio. We are also the #1 domestic smoke alarm installer in this area. We take pride in being the most respected smoke alarm installer and maintainer for businesses, shops and homes throughout the Mandurah area.


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Power Points


With so many new electronic devices that require power, the typical Perth area home needs more power points than ever before. If you need new power points installed or old ones repaired, our skilled electricians will get your home powered up in no time. We’ve been serving the Perth area city suburbs with excellence for over 20 years, and we look forward to providing you expert, courteous electrical service that earns your complete satisfaction.

Why Choose Us for Your Electrical and Lighting Services?
Safety first – Your safety is our number one priority!
Continual training – We continue to train our team members so that we can offer the best electrical products, lighting solutions and innovative installation methods.
Service with a smile – Our team of electricians is both knowledgeable and friendly.
Firm prices – Price quotes are guaranteed, so you will have no surprise expenses.
Satisfaction guaranteed – Our work is never finished until you are happy and satisfied.
Our family owned business looks forward to helping your family with all your electrical needs!


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LED Lighting


We are the leading LED lighting and chandelier installation experts in the Morley area. We have been installing chandeliers and LED lighting for homeowners in the local suburbs for over 20 years and have become known as the area’s foremost professionals for home lighting installations. While we install any type of lighting fixture to match with your home decor, two of our most common installations include:

Upgrade Your Old Lighting Today.

Chandelier Installation – Our professionals use the latest lighting technology, including automatic electronic chandelier lifters. We can install any size or style of chandelier, in any location you need.

LED Lighting Installation – The LED lighting we use for our installations are only of the highest quality which provides the best illumination. Many homeowners are replacing their halogen lighting with LED lighting because it runs cooler, making it safer, uses less electricity, making it more affordable and easier on the environment. LED lighting saves you money and has a very long life compared to halogen.

Why Choose Us for Your Electrical and Lighting Services?

Safety first – Your safety is our number one priority!
Continual training – We continue to train our team members so that we can offer the best electrical products, lighting solutions and innovative installation methods.

Service with a smile – Our team of electricians is both knowledgeable and friendly.
Firm prices – Price quotes are guaranteed, so you will have no surprise expenses.
Satisfaction guaranteed – Our work is never finished until you are happy and satisfied.
Our family-owned business looks forward to helping your family with all your electrical needs!


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Commercial Electrician


Commercial Electrician Morley Area WA
We are highly experienced in commercial electrical sector project requirements, offering a complete package of skills, designing and installing everything from small office refits, to new installations and industrial warehouse overhauls.

Whether for lighting, mains distribution, small power, fire alarms or data requirements, our start-to-finish service means you can always rely on us to get the job done right, minimising costly down-time for your business.

We are also environmentally concerned, and will always be happy to advise and facilitate energy-saving products and strategies to reduce your carbon footprint and ultimately save your business money.

Mains and sub-mains distribution
Emergency lighting
Energy efficient lighting
Fire alarm design, installation and maintenance
Door entry and security systems
Data cabling
Computer trunking services
Ring mains


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Antennas – Cabling – Home Theater

We have developed a reputation in Wembley over time for providing high-quality low-cost installs and repairs for all domestic and commercial customers 24 hours a day seven days a week, we can provide test and tag and basic quick jobs from as low as $99 or full commercial installations costing 10s of thousands in high rise buildings. As well as electrical jobs we can also help with all cabling work, tv antenna and tv hanging jobs as well as telephone line repair and LAN network setup

Talk to me online now for a chat about what you need and what your requirements are

TV Antenna Work
Digital TV Antenna Installation
Sales Of Install Bits & Pieces
Extra TV Cable Points
TV Signal Boosters
Extension Masts And Poles
Black Spot & Rural Installs
MATV & Commercial

TV Installations & Theatre
TV Wall Hanging & Mounting
Projectors Ceiling Mounting
New TV Set-Up & Tuning
Installs Of Wall Speakers
Programming Amplifiers
3DTV & HD TV Set-ups
TiVo – Blue Ray – Setups

Our Cablings Skills
Extra Phone Points
Computer DATA Points
Internet Points ADSL
AV And Computer Connections
Speaker Cabling
Communications Cabling


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What To Look For In An Emergency Electrician 24/7 Service


With electrical emergencies that can happen anytime and anywhere, always look for an emergency electrician that has a strong commitment in making their services accessible to their clients twenty four hours, seven days a week. It is imperative that they are devoted to answering their customers’ needs at all times.
morley electrician
In an electrical emergency situation it is very assuring to learn that you will get a prompt reaction from a true individual and not a recorded voicemail service. For electrical emergencies at any hour, your specific need must be responded with a prompt and sure action. They must have a team of professional work force which will be dispatched once they have gathered all the important details of your complaint within minutes from your call. The first team that gets to your area can be headed by their most experienced and qualified electrical technician along with their complete tools and equipment in their own service vehicle. If the need for backup assistance arises, they can immediately request for it and an immediate assistance can be provided immediately at any given hour, day or night.

A good emergency electrician comprehends the importance of keeping their customers electrical system in tip top shape and will not cause any delay in production. A broken electrical system in a home, office or manufacturer set up can mean terrible loses in income and endanger the trust of their client’s. An electrical service company fully understands the responsibility and risks involved of not being on time to answer a client’s need. They are aware of how critical and valuable the need for immediate emergency electrician 24/7 can do to a business and the value of time involved. Every minute counts and failure or inability to comply with what the client needs is never an option. They are also concerned about their staff and aware of the circumstances and the basic need for safety and security for everybody included in the given project.

A reliable electrical service company is completely prepared for 24/ 7 emergency electrical repair, 24 hour emergency electrical administration, emergency electrical administration, electrical maintenance work, emergency electrical power management and power engineering issues. Moreover, they offer other services aside from electrical emergencies like; TV Antenna installation, HVAC / Air Conditioning services, Telephone and cabling, computer maintenance and check up, TV Tuning, Home Theater set up and installation, Digital TV configuration, oven repairs, smoke alarm, down lights and LEDS, and other minor and major electrical issues. They must also have a live chat service for work quotes inquiries and after care services.


Electrical problems can occur at anytime and does not pick a certain hour to happen. In times that emergency electrical situations suddenly arises, it is truly comforting to know that there is an available Emergency Electrician 24/7 like Andrew’s Home Service that can be easily contacted on phone and online. By calling their 24/7 emergency “no wait a while” contact number at 08 – 92734019 (look for Andrew or Tony) you are assured of quality and prompt action and attend to tour electrical emergency as soon as possible. For more info you can log on to their website at

Utilizing Automatic Generator and Transfer Switches


If you have a standby generator connected to your home you should also have a generator and transfer switch system set up and in use. A generator and transfer switch system will not only keep you but will also keep any person working on the power lines around your home safe. We will briefly learn about how a transfer switch works and why you should be using them with your power supply. If you are attempting this procedure on your own ensure you are following all of the safety precautions and warnings. Read all the safety instructions that come with your transfer switch and generator. You should also take some time to learn about the basic generator safety guidelines.
morley electrician
If you own an automatic generator you should know how the transfer switch system works. The transfer switch itself is a completely automatic switch that closely and constantly monitors all incoming voltage from the utility lines. If the power flow from the main lines becomes interrupted the transfer switch automatically and immediately senses the problem and signals for the generator to start. Once the generator is running at the correct speed the automatic transfer switch will safely shut off the main power lines while at the same time open the generators power line in order to give you power. This all happens within seconds and although your generator is now the only supply of power, the transfer switch still continues to monitor the main power lines in the event of power being restored. Once it has recognized that the power is back up it will reconnect the main lines for power and slowly turn off the generator returning power flow back to normal.

Considering the gravity of responsibility that the transfer switch holds, it is something that should be installed only by a qualified electrician or highly knowledgeable person as this device must comply with every law and electrical code. As mentioned before, the transfer switch can protect anyone working on the main power lines. Transformers are used to step down the electrical current in order to safely power homes. However a transformer can also work in reverse by stepping up the voltage. This stepped up voltage back-feeding through the power lines can potentially electrocute a worker trying to work. A transfer switch will protect the linemen from this situation.

Not only will a transfer switch protect a linemen, it can also protect your own home. Improperly made connections will allow an electrical current to come from your generator and short circuit main utility lines when the power is restored. This can potentially start a fire inside your home. On top of protecting your entire home it also protects the generator itself. Automatic standby generators are quite expensive so it is in your best interest to try and protect it. In the same way power being restored can short circuit the main utility lines, it can also run through your generator causing it to burn or potentially explode.

There are many types of transfer switches that can be installed from residential to high output industrial zones. Each will cater to the specific needs of the individual.

Getting the Most Out Of Your Pool & Spa Pump Power


Swimming pools and spas are the best choice for chilling on a hot summer day.  They additionally require the use of enormous electrical and water consumption. Indeed, for a regular home, looking after an in-ground pool can represent up to 40 % of an entire household’s utility bills and a pool pump could be the biggest client of electricity in a home—frequently utilizing more energy than your clothes washer, dryer, and dishwasher joined together.

Challenger High Pressure Pump

The main utilization of electricity is for drawing water through the pool filter to keep your swimming pool water safe and hygienic. Warming your pool, cleaning machines, pool lights and chlorine or saltwater sanitation medication frameworks all require extra use of energy. How you utilize and administer your gear will additionally help your energy utilization and expenses. Keep in mind that  its your obligation to guarantee your home pool or spa is alright for everybody and minimizes the danger of kids drowning instead of enjoying themselves in the water. Guarantee your pool and spa consents to wellbeing and fencing regulations in your state or region, and complete standard checks with an authorized electrician to minimize the danger of mishaps.

Picking The Right Pool Or Spa Pump Power 

In a pool or spa, the pump is the greatest user of electric power. Picking the right pool pump will spare you cash and keep up with the cleanliness of your pool. Begin by choosing the most energy efficient pump for your pool or spa’s specifications. A pool or spa service technician can determine if you have purchased the right size and most efficient pump power.

Look for the item data or voluntary rating mark when buying an effective pump. Greater is not generally better. Introduce the most minimal wattage pump feasible for your pool. Multi-rate and variable-velocity pumps are regularly more proficient and utilize less energy than single-pace pumps as they can work at an easier speed for filtration and a higher speed for pool cleaning gear.

Utilizing Your Pool Or Spa Pump Power Effectively

When you have the right pool pump for your needs, minimize electrical use by not running it pointlessly. Running expenses can add up and accumulate, so take some time to work out your desire to use and run its power pumps. Read the producer’s guidelines deliberately and don’t make compromises on the safety and security of your family. For satisfactory results,  check with your pool or spa professional technician to guarantee your pool comply with the energy effectiveness and at the same time meets all the health and hygiene necessities. A clock is extremely handy for dealing with your pump’s run-time and for saving energy. The kind of filter you use in conjunction with your pump will additionally affect on your overall costs.


By verifying your pool or spa is well maintained and technically looked after by a professional electrician in all aspects you’ll have the capacity to keep your pool and spa completely clear and your electrical expenses down. For instance, by making use of evaporation you can save water and lessen the need for warming. A great quality, well-fitting pool blanket or cover, and in the event that you live in very humid range a shade material, can help diminish evaporation. Use energy efficient lights when lighting the pool zones. Take Andrew’s Home Services maintenance and professional care tips to lessen the carbon footprints to the environment of your pool or spa.


Emergency Electricians 24/7 – Task and Responsibilities


Accredited, professional Emergency Electricians 24/7 are responsible for installing, maintaining and restoring the electrical systems that we rely on to power our lamps, appliances and other devices daily. They perform many types of jobs with both home and other commercial settings that assist in keeping our electrical units working as efficiently as possible.

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Home Inspections and Testing

One of the best responsibilities of Emergency Electricians 24/7 is being keen observers to the entire electrical systems along with problems in the components. The primary purpose of this is to guarantee the safety of each and every installation. Depending on the kind of building that your home is in, considerations and a range of other factors should be inspected in a certain period. Discuss this together with your local electrician to find out what is best in your case. During this inspection, Emergency Electricians 24/7 look for any improper wiring, deterioration, unsafe components and concurrence with current codes and regulations.

Because electrical specifications are constantly transforming and evolving so as to increase the overall safety in our electrical systems, something that was safe a couple of years ago may certainly not be safe any longer. While it is uncommon for any particular electrical component to be deemed really hazardous, Emergency Electricians 24/7 may occasionally make suggestions for different upgrades that will help to ensure the longevity of your house and electrical systems.

House Wiring and Rewiring Functions

In case you live in an old home, then there is a good chance that you may want to have just a few or complete house rewire. You should start with a thorough electrical inspection along with making chances according to the recommendations of your own Emergency Electricians 24/7. Older homes in many cases are equipped with extremely outdated wiring technology. Cloth-insulated wiring, knob and tube wiring and techniques that still make use of fuse boxes are instances of systems that should be upgraded. This type associated with system is prone to deterioration and overloading because doing so was just not made to handle the kind of electrical load that we put in on there every day.

Setting up Electricity and Lighting

Although many homeowners will attempt to install lighting independently, this is something that should be completed only with a licensed Emergency Electricians 24/7. With the careful strategic lighting, your electrician will let you make you comfortable in your home, business or other building you are working. This is also a terrific way to improve safety along with efficiency.

Electrical System Upgrades

If your home is using a fuse box, then you ought to talk together with your Emergency Electricians 24/7 about upgrading it to a more modern electric powered panel. While a fuse box remains to be a fairly effective technique of controlling the circuits in your home, most people struggle to handle the capacity of it in a standard household. By upgrading to a breaker panel, you will substitute your fuses having circuit breakers that do not need replacement and have a lot less risk of overloading during normal use.

In short, electricians help ensure that our homes, businesses and other buildings always function properly and safely. Without this kind of job, probably we are living in a dark world now. This list is only the start of the long directory tasks that Emergency Electricians 24/7  have every day.